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View a few of our latest projects, from working with the LAPD to the UN and everything in between.

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American cancer society

Developed video campaign for ACS’s Road to Recovery program that helps patients seamlessly find transportation to their treatments.

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Project M - Style is a Craft

Introduced a new clothing brand into an emerging category via an online video campaign.

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Kaibae: Bao...what?

Social video campaign spreading awareness for the newest superfood: Baobab.

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LAPD: It Ends Here

Reframing the problems and solutions of sexual assault in the USC community.

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United Nations: The City of Secrets

A global campaign pitch to raise worldwide awareness about the problem of human trafficking.

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USC Triathlon Team - Your New Family

A Facebook-lead social media campaign that exposed the diverse characters in the team and welcomed viewers into the Tri Family.

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USC CRU & GAIN - Meals 4 Refugees

View our video and learn more about this project.


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