want to join the team?

At TMG, we offer a variety of different positions including:
Creative Strategy, Design, Video Content Creation, Client Services, Project Management and Technology.

As we are currently in the production phase of the year, we will only be recruiting for the Video Content Creation and Design departments. We apologize for the inconvenience but encourage all other applicants to apply in the fall semester. 

We apologize, our applications are closed at the moment. 

We will open recruitment in the Fall 2018 Semester. 


The Video Content Team manages the pre-production, production, and post-production of all video assets. Duties include envisioning storyboards, drafting scripts, shooting on set, editing, etc. Within the video team, the Producers serve as the intermediary between Project Management and Video Content by supervising video production related logistics. Their duties include managing the production budget, location scouting, contacting actors, etc. The Video Content team transforms intangible ideas into realities.



The Design Team is a part of the Creative Team of TMG. Our designers are the force that creates the visual content for our clients with the guidance of the Creative Strategy team. They create website layouts, logos, and much more. The Design team is essential to TMG and is responsible for bringing our innovations to life.



The new Digital Strategy Team integrates big data analysis with creative strategy to ensure an end-to-end integration of digital strategy with TMG's campaigns. Comprised of designers, data analysts, growth hackers, and digital story tellers, TMG's Digital Strategy Team delivers a technical digital marketing expertise to bring our clients one step closer to a 1:1 customer-client relationship.  



The Creative Team drives TMG’s creativity and innovation. Comprised of Strategy, Design, and Video departments, TMG’s creative department provides the full agency package in a non-profit, student-run setting. The Creative Strategists help guide the creative process. They lead brainstorming sessions and ensure that the group is on task and encourages fresh, creative content throughout the group. We are looking for individuals who think outside the box, yet stay on scope of clients' needs. 



The department of Account Management is responsible for interfacing with our clients and bringing their vision to our whole team in order to turn vision into reality. The Account Management team works with our internal team and our client’s objectives, assisting in the development and oversight of client-facing reporting and procedures, as well as the acquisition of new clients and projects.



At TMG the Project Management department is our epicenter of control, keeping all of our projects on time and on budget. The Project Management team deftly deals with workflow and the overall production process to keep things flowing smoothly for the rest of the team.



Here at TMG, you will be working with different aspects of software development, including web and mobile development.Our cutting edge Technology Team is on the front lines of this burgeoning market, making sure TMG is always ahead of the curve. Our vanguard developers, are responsible for keeping pace with the ever-changing industry and all of its emerging trends, and passing these innovative insights along to our projects and clients.