The United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime approached us with an ambitious task: facilitate the communications between delegates of 13 countries fighting to solve human trafficking in their regions. We sought to do that, and much more. TMG constructued a global campaign pitch to raise awareness about the problem worldwide
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A campaign to create a global conversation about human trafficking. 

The Challenge

The UNODC is tackling human trafficking in 13 countries around the world. This is a problem that is often not talked about and has become a taboo topic in our media

The Strategy

The UN’s wide reach allows politically and socially conscious advocates to spark a global conversation about human trafficking

The Execution

A two-front campaign tailored to connect audiences in the 13 countries and audiences in the west to show the global reality of human trafficking


THE FIRST ACT: Education

Our first task was to tackle the problem at the source: the 13 countries. We developed an educational program to teach potential victims about the problem and how to go about to avoid it. Our goal was to empower them in order for them to become their own advocates in their communities.
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THE SECOND ACT: Introduction of The City of Secrets

We soon realised that the problem did not only lie at source. The 13 countries might be the ones suppling the victims, but it is Western Developed Countries that fuel the demand. We therefore created the City of Secrets, a campaign to raise awareness about this global problem in cities that are oblivious to the problem. We pitched the following story board:

THE THIRD ACT: The Expansion

In order to maximise the reach of this campaign we created a guerilla marketing approach that connected the individuals from the 13 countries with the ones in Western Developed countries. The idea consisted in sending mural templates to the 13 countries and integrate an art activity to educational programs, which would encourage individuals both students and local art influencers to express themselves on the mural. Once completed the murals would be taken down and shipped to Vienna, Austria where all 13 of them would be placed side by side in an installation for the Summit Against Human Trafficking. When all the murals come together, they would form the City of Secrets.

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