Trojan Marketing Group is USC's first and only full-service, digital marketing and advertising agency. We are a team of creative and passionate storytellers coming together from all corners of USC, from business and engineering, to visual, cinematic and liberal arts. 

Our clientele comes from a diverse array of organizations - businesses and nonprofits, both local and global. With each campaign, we strive to deliver first-class content tailored to the client's unique needs. Above all, we pride ourselves on the two things that most distinguish TMG: our imaginative solutions and our drive. With such diversity in majors, backgrounds and experiences, TMG members all bring a unique perspective to our projects. As a result, our ideas are always fresh, our content never cliche. The only thing we all have in common is a genuine passion for creating the most original, captivating and effective campaigns possible for our clients. It's what drew us all to TMG and what draws our clients to us.