We turn imagination into reality.


Winner of New Organization Award at USC 2016-2017

Winner of Most Improved Student Organization Award at USC Marshall 2016-2017

Winner of Rising Member Award (Stephanie Wong-Harrison) at USC 2016-2017

Nominated for Most Outstanding Student Organization at USC Marshall 2016-2017

Nominated for Most Outstanding President (Eduardo Melchior) at USC Marshall 2016-2017

Nominated for Most Outstanding Executive Board Member (Stephanie Wong-Harrison) at USC Marshall 2016-2017


Trojan Marketing Group is USC's first and only full-service, digital marketing and advertising agency. We are a team of creative and passionate storytellers coming together from all corners of USC, from business and engineering, to visual, cinematic and liberal arts. 

Our clientele comes from a diverse array of organizations - businesses and nonprofits, both local and global. With each campaign, we strive to deliver first-class content tailored to the client's unique needs. Above all, we pride ourselves on the two things that most distinguish TMG: our imaginative solutions and our drive. With such diversity in majors, backgrounds and experiences, TMG members all bring a unique perspective to our projects. As a result, our ideas are always fresh, our content never cliche. The only thing we all have in common is a genuine passion for creating the most original, captivating and effective campaigns possible for our clients. It's what drew us all to TMG and what draws our clients to us. 


Do I need marketing experience to apply?

Marketing experience isn't necessary. TMG is a learning experience. We strive for diversity in our membership over professional marketing experience. We want to make sure we have the most well-rounded team with the widest array of perspectives and experiences possible. 

Can I apply to more than one department? 

Yes. We recommend you apply to as many departments as you are interested in. Each department's applications are reviewed by its respective department and director. The TMG team will review your applications and place you where we see the best fit. 

What is the time commitment?

We meet weekly as an entire group every Monday night at 8:00 pm. However, since we work with real clients you may also have several other meetings within your account throughout the semester. These additional meetings will be determined by your Account Director and the needs of the client. 

Can I change departments once I'm accepted to TMG?

It is possible, but unfortunately it is uncommon. We take special care to see which department best suits you during the application process. If there is an opening within TMG, you may request to change departments. But don't worry, there is a lot of overlap and collaboration between departments; you'll have the opportunity to participate in many departments within TMG. 

Do I need a portfolio if I'm applying for Design or Video Content Creation?

We strongly encourage you to submit a portfolio. Our Design and Video departments place a lot of weight on the portfolio of the application. Again, we work with real clients and we must ensure that our members are skilled enough to tackle our clients' requests.